Tantric Spanking Massage London


A big strong mature gentleman massaging, touching, feeling, handling, holding, squeezing, lightly kneading, worshiping, erotically spanking your magnificent arse. I always start slowly and gently. I build intensity gradually with an intention to care for, love, and pleasure your arse. Tantra Spanking is not punishment, nor does it involve any issues of dominance or submission. Is not harmful or hurtful. The essence of Tantra spanking is the process of Transference and Transformation of Inhibitors. An inhibitor is a perceived or suspected resistor to enlightenment, (sometimes called “blockers”). Inhibitors include feelings of agitation, loneliness, anxiety, guilt, dissatisfaction, selfishness and other everyday impulses incompatible with a chosen Path. Inhibitors are numerous, diverse, of varying strength, and may be biochemically based. Inhibitors of both the spanker and the spankee are addressed concurrently during Tantra spanking sessions. An inhibitor can never be eliminated or rendered extinct. Nature does not know extinction. It only knows Transformation. Transformation is the only universal constant accordingly; inhibitors can be transformed into positive energies by means of Transference, the ritualized spanking of the bare buttocks. At the beginning of your session you should undress and present yourself in your bulging briefs for a traditional over the knee hand spanking. An opportunity for me to warm my big thick manly hands. A Tantra spanking session usually consists of 3 to 9 spanking cycles, depending upon experience. Gay, bisexual and straight men welcome. This Slow Sensual spanking massage is done with an intention to surprise and delight your body. You will experience whole-body spanking pleasure. You are relieved of all pressure to perform or get off. The best spanking masseur in London, I offer erotic spanking and massage in a safe and sensual manner. 10 minutes from Holborn, Angel, Kings Cross, Old Street,  Barbican, Farrington, New oxford Street, Islington and Chancery Lane. Put my number in your phone, 07974 805666 or email sebcox@hotmail.co.uk.


Hi Seb, I would like to say again how grateful I was for your time and sensitivity yesterday. You really made me feel at ease and able to talk frankly about my past, my fantasies, my concerns, my hopes for the future with my partner. You introduced me to new experiences and sensations for which I am extremely grateful. The massage was really very special and fulfilling for me. It was wonderful not to have to worry about the time as so often happens with people offering tantric male massage services – everything with you was so relaxed – talking, being naked, the variety of sensual experiences. Thank You. 14/08/2011

Thanks for understanding. It wasn’t that I wanted to be “thrashed” or play some kind of scene. NOT AT ALL. Just wanted a back massage from a big guy which turned into you giving my butt cheeks a good spanking and turning them pink which was interpreted as part of the massage. I am a straight guy and married but am sexually turned on by having my arse worked over which never happens otherwise. It made me very honry and ready to turn over and to take the tantric prostate massage you gave me. I have never had a stronger orgasm, I am still feeling magicked. Ivan 19/09/98

Thank you so much. Special and liberating. SM on 30/06/16

Just wanted to say thanks for today, it was lovely to meet you and spend time with you. I have a wonderful glow from the session and feel pleasantly relaxed and grounded. I imagine you must have many clients but I really appreciate the way you tune in to my energy and make me feel special – not an “off-the-peg” experience Dave 13/04/2013

I had a highly erotic, but very relaxing massage and I enjoyed chatting with Seb afterwards and just absorbing his masculine presence. Seb celebrates masculinity and sexuality and I really enjoyed exploring both these aspects with him. He is totally relaxed and non-judgmental, completely non pushy or pressuring. If you’re in two minds about paying Seb a visit – DO IT! You will not be disappointed Billy

Thanks again for last night Seb. I’m still getting hard thinking how you massaged me. Best orgasm ever! Marc 16/07/15

Seb – a quick thanks for your time, company and amazing experience earlier today. You surpassed my expectations and I think my ending was a clear demonstration of my enjoyment. J. on Tue, 24 Mar 2015

Just a note to thank you for today. The space that you create is really something welcoming, safe and without judgement…that together with your mastery of your art makes for something truly magical. Thank you. I will be back, Love, Alan. 04/02/13

Hello Seb, Your expert touch kept me up there all evening, and I am still energised. You speak common sense, and are perceptive. I would like to try one of your massage classes, and take the opportunity to practice. One never stops learning. Yours, Henri – 08/06/2014

I am a 75 year old, exclusively gay man. I have been going to masseurs since they first started advertising in the Sunday Times Personal Column in the late sixties – I have never been to better nor to anyone closely approaching Seb. Tony

Many thanks for the time I spent with you last week. I was a bit anxious before we started, but you quickly put me at my ease, keen to learn about what I might like. I had an incredible experience, the most sensual and erotic of my life! An extended intimate massage with warm oil, hugs, followed by a hot bath and even a cup of tea; a truly perfect time. And as some of your other commenters have said, the feel-good buzz lasted for days. I’m already looking forward to the next session, and planning what I’d like to explore. Oh, and I must make time to do that ‘homework’ you set me Seb, you’re a fantastic bloke, I’m glad to have met you and I will see you again soon. Hugs, Ted, Oct 2011

Seb: I glowed for days following our session, and I still get hard just thinking about how explosively awesome my climax was.  Plus then the relaxing bath.  You’re a master. An absolute master. Mike

Probably one of the best evenings I have had in a long time. My ass is well informed. Enjoyed being massaged. Enjoyed your company. Thank you. You are a good man. Daryl

Dear Seb, Thank you so much.  I’m full of energy, your energy!  Thank you for taking such good care of me. If you don’t mind, I’ll be back. B on 11/05/12


A note from Seb, Some of these reviews first appeared on my old website, Revolution Male Massage London