Buddy is another Irish Gaelic word, which comes from the Irish expression, a vuddy, or a bhodaigh, which means something like “pal.” The root of the word bhodaigh is strangely, bod, which is the Irish word for cock, and pronounced like bud. In ancient Celtic traditions a man’s cock was believed to be a form of life force energy. Warriors would massage each other cocks and would go to battle, fully erect. Repeating this ancient ritual can facilitate healing, reduce stress, vitalize and restore balance in a synergistic way. This Celtic Ritual Massage for men in London is done in gentle, wave like motions throughout the body. When you are totally relaxed I will gently massage your soul. You will find it extremely pleasurable and deeply relaxing, bi/ awakening your chakras, and eventually combined with repeated Celtic Cock massage bring you close, again, and again and again, again to experience an amazing Celtic fusion orgasm. Certainly no Adonis, butt. He is the best erotic Masseur in the UK. Sometimes there is nothing quite like being touched bi a big strong man. The feeling of being touched for 90 minutes provides a secure and sensual feeling. Buddy Massage 4 Men in London. To read my testimonials click here. To make an appointment text or call 07974 805666 or email sebcox@hotmail.co.uk


I am a happy man. Strong and gentle. I’m blessed with a large thick uncut penis, and yes, I consider it an asset, but not necessarily a component that’s key to my self-esteem. I have a good heart, and an interested mind. I love being intimate with another man. As soon as you meet me you will notice I have a certain “energy” about me. That I have a gift. Over a period of more than a quarter of a century I have given more than 5,000 Massage celebrations rituals to men in London. I have never done the same massage twice. My celebrations are not something that I have learned, from a book, or by attending some sexy seminar, butt rather something that has evolved from my passion for my work. I absolutely love masculinity, and I am deeply committed to celebrating The Comradeship of Shared Masculinity through Erotic Touch. To book your massage call Seb 07974 805666 or email sebcox@hotmail.co.uk