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sensual man 2 man massage London

london-london-london-massageMr Cox, offers sensual man 2 man massage experiece in London. It is very private and discreet. Friendly relaxed service. Great music and a comfortable massage table are available to support your experience. Just lay on the most comfortable massage table in London and relax and allow me to celebrate you. I will give you a full body sensual massage celebration. Although you are sexually straight, you also love masculinity, and appreciate men enormously. Open yourself to a new experience of sensual erotic man 2 man massage and a masseur to bring you to an outstanding ejaculate. Not just a massage but a total experience. A relaxing bath is available for your use before and/or after your massage. I am mature male masseur based in Central London. Mr Cox, offers sensual man 2 man massage experiece in London. It is very private and discreet – 07974 805666

Mr Cox London

Seeing may be believing but touching is definitely experiencing!
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DO NOT BE SHY. Ask and you shall receive! You may not know what you want from your session. I am experienced in guiding men to explore. I am a mature man. My purpose is to gradually build your sexual energy to allow a really amazing maler massage orgams. That creates a balance, Putting everything into perspective. Mr Cox London offers a sensual gay male Massage Experience for men in Central London. Gay, bi and straight men welcome. Great music and a comfortable massage table are available to support your experience. Sensual gay male massage Central London, 10 minutes walk from Angel, North London, prostate, lingam and tantric male to male massage, Gay Massages London 4 str8 men with Mr Cox London 07974 805666

Seeing may be believing but touching is definitely experiencing!


Tantric Massage Jobs


Are you a little bored with life? Tired of sitting at your computer? Not knowing what you are searching for. Thinking of making some changes? Are you good with people? Have you got an amazing touch? Do you love masculinity? Come and learn how to give a professional lingam male massage using easy to learn techniques in this amazing one day workshop. Come and learn how easy it is to set up your own male tantra massage business. Come and learn how to connect with clients and really enjoy your tantra work! This can be a new beginning for you and every client you meet. Whether you want to use the knowledge you learn to become a professional “tantric” masseur or just as a way of connecting with other men on a more spiritual level, we do hope you come along, we think you would be amazing. This hands-on practical workshop runs from 2.30 pm till 8.30 pm. You will be encouraged to develop your own erotic energy ritual, your own magickal male massage. This is also a great session for men who are shy, as it will help them to build up confidence in themselves. This one day workshop will guide you to success. Donation £49. Next workshop Thursday 2nd January 2014 @ 2.30 pm Central London.

Below are comment from men who have attended this workshop previously.

men-tantra-sexExcellent, informative, good to have hands on practice. John

“I am a qualified masseur, who had for years been unsure of which direction to go with this. He encouraged me to go forward with my ideas. I am now gradually and confidently building up a successful business. I’ve met Seb regularly since, and he has been a great source of knowledge and wisdom, offering practical and down-to-earth advice. He reflects good qualities – I can confirm that he is a good man! Sexual freedom is a process, and the work Seb does is to be applauded”. Alan

He’s a genuine, Modern-Day Wizard. Certainly, a very powerful Man. Sometimes, you need the right spark of energy from someone to encourage you. He has enabled me to ‘take flight’. For this, I owe him a great debt of gratitude. With Sincerest, and most enormous thanks, Steve B x 06/05/2013

“Hi seb. Just a quick line to let u know i started massaging a week ago and have had 9 clients so far. I love my work. Thank u so much for ur advice. I will keep in touch”.  Jon in Devon

Seb creates a wonderfully warm atmosphere, which enables participants to relax and explore the wonderful world of tantric massage. greg

Great hands on experience with a friendly group. Simon

Hi Seb – since attending I have acquired a number of clients. They have all benefited from the amazing techniques I learned from you and some of them I see regularly. A married guy with a happy grin is a wonderful sight! Thanks again. -nickinsouthend

I was nervous to begin with but relaxed very quickly and enjoyed it. I learnt a lot and met some nice guys. Iain

Thanks for a great afternoon yesterday. I really felt at ease and had some great massages, i really did feel some magic from those fingers in my last massage. Thanks for your encouraging words. G


The workshop will run as follows

2.00 – 2.30 Welcome and Introductions
2.30 – 3.00 The Undressing Ritual
3,00 – 3.30 Awakening male tantric touch techniques demo:
3.30 – 4,30 Creative Male Tantric Touch – Practice Session:
4.30 – 4.45 An Introduction to Male Energy Zones(Chakras)
4.45 – 5.00 Lingam Massage Techniques
5.00 – 5.30 Tantric Tea Break
5.30 – 6.45 Male Massage Ritual (Part 1)
6.45 – 8.00 Male Massage Ritual (Part 2)
8.00 – 8.30 Q&As

About the facilitators

Seb Cox has been a successful Erotic Male Masseur for men in Central London 4 more than 20 years. Individual private bodywork massage with Mr. Cox are also available. More information available on his website Mature Male Massages. His other experiences include, ex-sex toy designer(Nexus), former sex worker of the year(Erotic Awards London 2003). He is the founder of the Brotherhood of Pleasure.


Buddy Massage 4 Men

Massage 4 Men in London

I am a happy man, I love my life, I love my masculinity, I am very proud of myself, for being a good buddy 4 myself. Buddy is another Irish Gaelic word, which comes from the Irish expression, a vuddy, or a bhodaigh, which means something like “pal.” The root of the word bhodaigh is strangely, bod, which is the Irish word for cock, and pronounced like bud. In ancient Celtic traditions a man’s cock was believed to be a form of life force energy. Warriors would massage each other cocks and would go to battle, fully erect. Repeating this ancient ritual can facilitate healing, reduce stress, vitalize and restore balance in a synergistic way. This Celtic Ritual Massage for men in London is done in gentle, wave like motions throughout the body. When you are totally relaxed he will gently massage your soul. You will find it extremely pleasurable and deeply relaxing, bi/ awakening your chakras, and eventually combined with repeated Celtic Cock massage bring you close, again, and again and again, again to experience an amazing Celtic fusion orgasm. Certainly no Adonis, butt. He is the best erotic Masseur in the UK. Sometimes there is nothing quite like being touched bi a big strong man. The feeling of being touched for 90 minutes provides a secure and sensual feeling. Buddy Massage 4 Men in London. To read my testimonials click here. To make an appointment text or call 07974 805666 or email

Str8 Bi/ Gay Massage London

Over a period of more than a quarter of a century I have given more than 5,000 Big Lingam Tantra Massage celebrations rituals to men in London. I have never done the same massage twice. My Big Lingam Tantra Massage celebrations are not something that I have learned, from a book, or by attending some sexy seminar, butt rather something that has evolved from my passion for my work. I absolutely love masculinity, and I am deeply committed to celebrating The Comradeship of Shared Masculinity through Erotic Touch. My background is very heterosexual. Sex with women was something that I done from instinct. I was always very dominant, as I felt that that was what most women needed. I suppose for many, I was their “bit of rough”. If I’m honest I got bored. I knew that the intimacy I was having in my life was fantastic for recreational pleasure, but simply wasn’t satisfying me on a more spiritual level. One sunny day I went for a visit to the old Turkish Baths in Bethnal Green. This bloke I meet asked me if I wanted to have a rubdown. I was just about to say, no, when I thought to myself, why not. I lay on a marble slab, and as soon as he put his hand on the small of my back, I felt this most amazing sense of  spiritual calmness. It was like he was minding me. Looking after me. I was fascinated by the fact that being touched by another man could make me feel, so fucking, fantastic. It was an experience that absolutely changed my life. I had stumbled upon what was missing in my life, the magick of being touched by another man. I was on a mission, and more than 25 years latter, I still am.  Was it Einstein that said you are what you repeatedly do? To book your Big Lingam Tantra Massage London text or call O7974 8O5 666 or email


Seb, the effect of the hot oil you poured on my stomach was fantastic and helped tremendously in opening up something deeper than is usually touched. It was so wonderful to go on and on stroking my cock, and being able to enjoy the sensation so slowly building up – and then when I finally released, there was much more than usual – and the relaxed sense of peace that followed was remarkable! In fact, I was so relaxed that I dozed on the train and went past my stop! But that inner relaxation is still with me and when I phoned my wife from the train I felt so naturally peaceful and at ease with her – and that is just great. Tim

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Sensual Man Massage London

london-men-massageAllow Seb Cox to take you on a mystical and fulfilling 81 minutes tantric sensual man 2 man massage voyage. My purpose is to gradually “edge” you to your optimum ejaculation fusion point, again, again and again, building sexual energy to allow a really tantric explosion., that creates a balance, Putting everything into perspective. Not just a  massage but a total celebration. The best tantric sensual man 2 man massage. Tantric masseur  in London(EC1), Seb Cox, bi/appointment. Call 07974 805666 or email

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Tantric Massage My Arse!


A big strong mature man gentleman massaging, touching, feeling, handling, holding, squeezing, lightly kneading, erotically spanking your magnificent arse, then I am the masseur for you. I invite you to a magical kingdom to enable you to share deep tantric relaxation and sensations that you may not previously have experienced. You cannot bi/ masculine and tight-arsed. Relax your arse and your mind,  body and soul will follow. A momentary awareness.  A journey that focuses on deepening your pleasure. And an eventual  uncontrollable, juddering, screaming experience, where heaven is to bask in Gods love with no need to control, or be described, as anything other than, that, that is anal. To book your gay anal massage in London, Call Seb 07974 805666. All men are welcome, gay, bi and straight.

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Seb, I have just got home after seeing you for the first time this afternoon and I had to write to say thank you,  you really have opened me up as a sexual person. I have known how enjoyable massage can be from a woman but you really are ‘the real thing’. I have never experienced an orgasm like that. Of course, I have known for years that I might like to try this but it also took me years to come to terms with the fear.  I think you have awakened the sacred whore in me. You truely are a beautiful person and I knew, that I could always trust you to help and guide me psychologically through the things I found tough – you were so skillful in guiding me and still stretching me physically and mentally that you gave me a wonderful experience and I am so glad that I have met you. I’m just desperately starting to look for an opportunity to come and see you again as soon as I can. I am also PROUD of myself – thanks to you. With best wishes and great repect Jay


man2man prostate massage london

Gentle Prostate Massage explores the erotic rewards of masculinity. In this celebration you can experience very gentle external arousal to awaken the prostate externally, gradually extending the deepening pleasure to your anal-lips. I use a technique which involves gently tapping(knocking on heavens door) to allow one gentle vibrating finger to very slowly and sensually penetrate sliding deeper towards that spot of sacred sensation, your prostate, the central point of your inner being. You will begin to experience sensual pleasurable sensations on the narrow strip on the side and back of your cock up to the glans and on a narrow strip down your inner thighs. I vibrate pleasurable sensation deep within your prostate and perineum. Experience wavelike contractions and warm sensation within your entire anal canal. This gentle prostate tantric ritual helps to bring you into harmony, and helps to increases your capacity to receive pleasure. As you approaches orgasm, we gently vibrate your prostate, while slowing the stroking of your fattening cock. Thus the duration of your orgasm can be extended, and the strength of the prostate (anal) induced orgasm can be dramatically increased. The best sensual man 2 man Prostate Massage in London, Seb bi/appointment, call 07974 805666 or email


Hello Seb, I thoroughly enjoyed your excellent hospitality during my visit to London. It made the trip well worth while. As I mentioned I had several Tantric prostate massages previously ALL a waste of time no more than a rub and tug. Your tantric massage was wonderful as you know my body and mind were in your hands and reflected same. The orgasms as a result of your tantric massage were to say the least HEROIC. this followed by a rest and hot bath made for a truely unique and satisfying experience. So much so as you know I opted for an extended stay to enjoy a second session. WOW even more deeply satisfying than massage number one. I will certainly recommend your services to my friends that are keen to enjoy good health and deep orgasms. Regards, Jack Western Australia

B8M8 Erotic Massage London

B8M8 man to man erotic massage London. Male Massage London.B8M8 Male Massage in Central London. Gay, bisexual and heterosexual men all welcome. Amazing Male Massage in Central London with mature and experienced Mr Cox – 07974 805666.

Great massage, great hot bath. You are a bit like a shaman you know, a magick man, in the oldest sense.  You reach into the other world, the other hidden side of men, and pull out parts of themselves they hide away or don`t even know about. A shaman, as you probably know is someone who lives on the end of the real world in order to be closer to all the other types of worlds, who helps people find what they have lost. You said you are comfortable with the darker side of yourself and that is a great ability, most of us hide it away. Perhaps you help men reclaim that a little, and sticking your finger up their arses is a great way to get people to let go of their tightness!! Thanks for the gentle shove back into life. With respect and thanks.” M. London


Tantra spanking london

The best spanking masseur in London, I offer male massage in a safe and sensual manner. I specialise in introducing men who are new to tantra. Call Seb Cox 07974 805666

If you have only experienced spanking for punishment your arse really does not belong to you – it still belongs to whoever abused you. This style of erotic spanking is done slowly. It’s your turn to ask for what you really want. I will help you to develop a capacity to receive pleasure and to ask for what you want. Male Tantric Spanking for Pleasure Massage Celebration is a powerful way for you to claim your arse for pleasure. Your butt is filled with nerve endings that can give you a whole lot of pleasure. Your buttocks are erogenous zones; as the sexual arousal nerves in the buttocks are buried in a layer of fat and require deeper stimulation to awaken them. Erotic spankings of an irregular rhythm in slow sensual way increases sexual arousal. During the ritual I spend time devoted to lightly massaging your inner thighs occasionally, and sensually touching your anal lips and cock for added sensuality. I always start slowly and gently. I build intensity gradually so that you may experience pleasure. My intention is absolutely clear, PLEASURE. A session includes meditation and breathing exercises. Tantra Spanking is not punishment, nor does it involve any issues of dominance or submission. Is not harmful or hurtful. The essence of Tantra spanking is the process of Transference and Transformation of Inhibitors. An inhibitor is a perceived or suspected resistor to enlightenment, (sometimes called “blockers”). Inhibitors include feelings of agitation, loneliness, anxiety, guilt, dissatisfaction, selfishness and other everyday impulses incompatible with a chosen Path. Inhibitors are numerous, diverse, of varying strength, and may be biochemically based. Inhibitors of both the spanker and the spankee are addressed concurrently during Tantra spanking sessions. An inhibitor can never be eliminated or rendered extinct. Nature does not know extinction. It only knows Transformation.  Transformation is the only universal constant accordingly; inhibitors can be transformed into positive energies by means of Transference, the ritualized spanking of the bare buttocks. A Tantra spanking session usually consists of 3 to 9 spanking cycles, depending upon experience. Gay, bisexual and straight men welcome. This Slow Sensual spanking massage is done with an intention to surprise and delight your body. You will experience whole-body spanking pleasure. You are relieved of all pressure to perform or get off. The best spanking masseur in London, I offer erotic spanking and massage in a safe and sensual manner. I specialise in introducing men who are new to tantric spanking in an erotic loving context. 10 minutes from Holborn, Angel, Kings Cross, Old Street,  Barbican, farrington, New oxford Street, Islington and Chancery Lane. Put my number in your phone, 07974 805666 or email Everything I touch, is a success.

Male Tantric Massage Workshops in Central London

Male Tantric Massage Classes and workshops in Central London. Remember, there is no need to fear the touch of other men; we have to touch each other more often, as that is the way we get to touch God. If you would like to attend one of the classes click here to join our meetup group. You are welcome to join just to show your support.


big-lingam-tantra-2Masculine, safe and nurturing. Men only meditation and male massage,  workshops events in central London. Men minding men. Men massaging men.  Men celebrating the lost religion of masculinity. A celebration,  exploring the kind of masculine intimacy that requires extraordinary  openness and honesty. You are welcome to join us. You will meet the most amazing men. Don’t worry if you have no massage experience, as the more experienced masseurs will help, encourage and guide you. Every man is welcome as we see each as a guide from beyond. I have started a very  gentle revolution to help direct men back to their masculinity, their  spirituality, and that loving kindness that is central to that connection. If you would like to attend one of the classes click here to join our meetup group. You are welcome to join just to show your support.


Male Massage London

male massage londonMale Massage London : Celebrate the Comradeship of Shared Masculinity through Erotic male m4m massage in London. This Sensual Male Massage is a celebration ritual designed for a man seeking a tender, warm and loving experience, blended with an amazing masculine energy. I am influenced by my interest in Tantric and Taoist Philosophy. I absolutely love men, and I am deeply committed to celebrating The Comradeship of Shared Masculinity through Erotic m4m massage in London. To book your celebration text or call O7974 8O5 666 or email


Fusion Massage London

I have a vibrational touch and use long gentle strokes to take you on a sensual, sexual, soothing, satisfying male massage experience. I begin the session by giving you a full body man to man rubdown working with you to find your most responsive areas. After several areas have been developed they are then stimulated simultaneously. I take great care not to let one site become over stimulated. The aim is to induce orgasm from all areas so that they peak at the same time. For example if I am working the cock and nipples at the same time and the client feels orgasm approaching due to stimulation of the lingam we will lessen the intensity on the lingam and concentrate on the nipples, until they are again equal in intensity. 10 minutes from Holborn, Angel, Kings Cross, Old Street,  Barbican, Farrington, New Oxford Street, Islington and Chancery Lane. Put my number in your phone, 07974 805666 or email