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07974 805666

I have being offering bodywork massage for men in London for more than 20 years. Before each session I spend some time with the man I am about to massage, finding out what he would like me to include in the session. You simply have to give me a bit of direction and I take it from there. I coach you in simple breathing and meditation techniques to allow you to achieve a high erotic state. I am the most experienced m2m masseur in London. My pioneering celebrations offer all men, regardless of sexual orientation or sexual history, the opportunity to reclaim and reawaken the spiritual dimension of their masculinity. In this celebration you can experience arousal that can take you to new levels, revolutionary Man 2 Man Massage in London.  am probably Britain’s most established Erotic Masseur offering happy ending gay massage London for bisexual and straight men. My purpose is to gradually build spiritual energy to allow a really amazing orgasm. That creates a balance, Putting everything into perspective. I’m blessed with a large thick magickal tool

white1I am experienced in guiding men to explore. I am a mature man. My purpose is to gradually build your sexual energy to allow a really amazing maler massage orgams. That creates a balance, Putting everything into perspective. I offer a sexological male massage Experience for men in Central London. Gay, bi and straight men welcome. Great music and a comfortable massage table are available to support your experienceFor me it’s all about an intention of excellence, my intention makes me unique. My intention is NOT to heal you(you don’y need that), my intention is to celebrate you. I am Experienced in guiding men to explore. Each person’s experience with these celebration massage rituals for men in London is different. Calm, quite and very shy. I have a great love and a deep passion for my work. Amazing man to man Massage in Central London for gay bi and straight Men. Pioneering clients required. I work from a professional massage table so men of all ages, shapes and sizes are welcome. We begin your blessing, bodywork for men celebration in London, with a full body tantric rubdow. Amazing masculine touch from your head to your toes and every inch in between, then sensational sensual touch is gently introduced by tickling your external rosebud muscle as the initial exploration begins. Once your palatial arse learns to trust the pleasure of this stimulation we can then begin to slowly explore slightly deeper. Let your rosebud  relax through trust, allowing penetration bi/ a gloved finger to become more of an invitation. It simply relaxes, opens and invites. This opening is not simply on a physical level, but also on the emotional and spiritual level. Working very slowly I will explore if your rosebud offers this invitation, thus insuring complete comfort and pleasure. You may like to be introduced to the ancient japanese art of the enemagura, where you are encouraged to take yourself on a sensual voyage of prostatic pleasure, allowing you to give yourself the ride of your life. gradually we combine the pleasure to your jade dragon. using these 9 amazing techniques.  to allowing a deeply uncontrollable, juddering, spontaneous orgasm and ejaculation pleasure re-connecting you to your original sacred sexual self, where heaven is to bask in Gods love with no need to control, or be described, as anything other than, that, that is f**king divine. The great thing about this ritual is that gay, bi and straight men are welcome. I have a vibrational touch and use long gentle strokes to take you on a sensual, sexual, soothing, satisfying male massage experience.

10 minutes from Holborn, Angel, Kings Cross, Old Street, Barbican, Farrington, New Oxford Street, Islington and Chancery Lane. Put my number in your phone, To book your man to man bodywork for men celebration in London call Mr Cox 07974 805666 or email

I am a happy man. Strong and gentle. I’m blessed with a large thick uncut penis, and yes, I consider it an asset, but not necessarily a component that’s key to my self-esteem. I have a good heart, and an interested mind. I love being intimate with another man. As soon as you meet me you will notice I have a certain “energy” about me. That I have a gift. Over a period of more than a quarter of a century I have given more than 5,000 Massage celebrations rituals to men in London. I have never done the same massage twice. My celebrations are not something that I have learned, from a book, or by attending some sexy seminar, butt rather something that has evolved from my passion for my work. I absolutely love masculinity, and I am deeply committed to celebrating The Comradeship of Shared Masculinity through Erotic Touch. My background is very heterosexual. Sex with women was something that I done from instinct. I was always very dominant, as I felt that that was what most women needed. I suppose for many, I was their “bit of rough”. If I’m honest I got bored. I knew that the intimacy I was having in my life was fantastic for recreational pleasure, but simply wasn’t satisfying me on a more spiritual level. One sunny day I went for a visit to the old Turkish Baths in Bethnal Green. This bloke I meet asked me if I wanted to have a rubdown. I was just about to say, no, when I thought to myself, why not. I lay on a marble slab, and as soon as he put his hand on the small of my back, I felt this most amazing sense of spiritual calmness. It was like he was minding me. Looking after me. I was fascinated by the fact that being touched by another man could make me feel, so fucking, fantastic. It was an experience that absolutely changed my life. I had stumbled upon what was missing in my life, the magick of being touched by another man. I was on a mission, and more than 25 years latter, I still am. Was it Einstein that said you are what you repeatedly do? To book your Big Lingam Tantra Massage London text or call O7974 8O5 666 or email

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