Penis Sound Bath Therapy London

Penis Sound Bath Therapy London

Based in Central London, 10 minutes by bus from Tottenham Court Road, and New Oxford Street.

A sensual sound bath that uses sound to induce a meditative state combined with a slower than slow sensual penis massages to induce a magickal state of euphoria.  The result? Intense relaxation and a Zen Lingam that sooths your Mind Body and Spirit. Find your inner penis peace with my Erotic Mindfulness Experience : a practical guide to finding your Ha-Penis

I have people from all walks of life coming along to my sessions,” says Mr Cox , a kundalini penis meditation teacher who runs regular 60-minute lingam massage sound baths in Central London.

Using carefully selected gong, crystal bowls sounds, tibetan singing and buddhist chant recording combined with bowls, chimes and percussive sounds, we create a playlist for your spiritual experience. The techniques used for the respectful genital blessings included in the ritual are from the A-Z of Lingam Massage, a chapter from the ever forth coming book, Penis Massage For Professionals.

Hi Seb, Just wanted to say thank you for the other day. I felt sexual, spiritual and the orgasm came from my soul, Thanks again, 3 Sep 2012
Seb, the effect of the hot oil you poured on my stomach was fantastic and helped tremendously in opening up something deeper than is usually touched. It was so wonderful to go on and on stroking my cock, and being able to enjoy the sensation so slowly building up – and then when I finally released, there was much more than usual – and the relaxed sense of peace that followed was remarkable! In fact, I was so relaxed that I dozed on the train and went past my stop! But that inner relaxation is still with me and when I phoned my wife from the train I felt so naturally peaceful and at ease with her – and that is just great.
Just wanted to say thanks for today, it was lovely to meet you and spend time with you. I have a wonderful glow from the session and feel pleasantly relaxed and grounded. I imagine you must have many clients but I really appreciate the way you tune in to my energy and make me feel special – not an “off-the-peg” experience Dave 13/04/2013

A celebration of touch that explores the kind of masculine intimacy that requires extraordinary openness and honesty. The massage will finish with an optional ha-PENIS ending, if required. My pioneering celebrations offers all men, regardless of sexual orientation or sexual history, the opportunity to reclaim and reawaken the spiritual dimension of their sexuality. I work from a professional massage table so men of all shapes and sizes are very welcome. I do not use scented oils. Your erection is always extremely welcome. the most experienced erotic touch in London 0 79 74 80 56 66

Un Chant d’Amour

Dear Seb, A belated but heartfelt appreciation for the extraordinary massage you gave me last Wednesday. I felt welcomed and heard by you when I arrived and once I was undressed and on the couch felt in safe and experienced hands. As I grow older I have appreciated being nurtured in this very physical way and since my orgasms are fairly infrequent I was especially thrilled to reach such an ecstatic climax at your hands. I also enjoyed the skin contact with other parts as well as your hands and I enjoyed feeling your fat dick swell under my hand. Thanks once again for such an amazing physical, emotional and spiritual experience. Warm naked hugs to you! (03/07/2012)

I am not gay, but consider myself to be (Happy) in the traditional sense. Indeed my background is very heterosexual. If I’m honest I got bored. I knew that the intimacy I was having in my life was fantastic for procreational pleasure, but simply wasn’t satisfying me on a more spiritual level. One sunny day I went for a visit to the old Turkish Baths in Bethnal Green, London E3. This bloke, I meet asked me if I wanted to have a rub down. I was just about to say, no when I thought to myself, why not. I lay on a marble slab, and as soon as he put his hand on the small of my back, I felt this most amazing sense of spiritual calmness, like a spiritual plateau. It was like he was minding me. Looking after me. I was fascinated by the fact that being touched by another man could make me feel, so fucking, fantastic. It was an experience that absolutely changed my life. I had stumbled upon what was missing in my life, the magick of being touched by another man. I was on a mission, and more than 30 years latter, I still am… Seb on 0 79 74 80 56 66

Hi Seb, Now back home but still on cloud 9 thanks to you. Since my initiation into Tantra in your expert hands on Tuesday I have been walking on air. That really was an experience the like of which I have never experienced before. I am going to practice the techniques you taught me so that next time will be even more earth moving. During our session I literally thought I was going to explode due to the intense sensations you aroused in me!! You truly are a good, kind, considerate, understanding, nurturing and friendly person. A gentle man. Stephen On 14th June 2011

An extraordinary erotic touch, relaxation that will blow your mind, body and soul. Most people have powerful sex dreams some night after their ritual. It is important to pay attention to the details of this dream. My private mystical studio apartment is warm, inviting, relaxing and extremely homosexual. It features: candles, aroma, colour, music and an extraordinarily comfortable massage table. Each man’s experience with my celebration rituals for men in London is different. Have an emotional release, followed by immense pleasure. A safe environment to feel and express whatever you. I do not use scented oils. Your erection is always extremely welcome. 0 79 74 80 56 66

Thanks for a great session yesterday, Seb! Great meeting you & you got a great orgasm out of me! Looking forward to next time & intrigued by group meetings as I’ve never been involved in anything like that. Have a great day! Olaf.

“I am a 75 year old, exclusively gay man. I have been going to masseurs since they first started advertising in the Sunday Times Personal Column in the late sixties – I have never been to better nor to anyone closely approaching Seb” Tony.

i Seb, six years ago you started a freedom within me after I visited you twice for a massage. I came out at age 54. honesty (to myself) drove that step and if anyone doesn’t like it, too bad. I still look at your site regularly.H

He looks like a rabid bulldog but has the personality of a cuddly teddy bear!” QX Magazine 18-09-02

Hey Seb, It was good to meet you yesterday. I knew you were going to be sexy, but I wasn’t prepared for you kindness to me. You were so warm and nurturing in a masculine way. Just what I needed buddy. Thank you, Luca : 14/01/13

Seb: What a WONDERFUL afternoon I had with you, albeit late, but still quite exhilarating. I really mean it…if I lived here in London, I’d certainly be seeing you rather often. I’d like to keep your number and email address in my files, and for future trips, get in touch. And as you say, I’ll know better how to get there next time

You allowed me to be myself and satisfied me no end. Oh, and you’ve got a great cock. JOY! I will definitely see you again Randy

Seb, I have just got home after seeing you for the first time this afternoon and I had to write to say thank you, you really have opened me up as a sexual person. I have known how enjoyable massage can be from a woman but you really are ‘the real thing’. I have never experienced an orgasm like that. Of course, I have known for years that I might like to try this but it also took me years to come to terms with the fear. I think you have awakened the sacred whore in me. You truely are a beautiful person and I knew, that I could always trust you to help and guide me psychologically through the things I found tough – you were so skilful in guiding me and still stretching me physically and mentally that you gave me a wonderful experience and I am so glad that I have met you. I’m just desperately starting to look for an opportunity to come and see you again as soon as I can. I am also PROUD of myself – thanks to you. With best wishes and great respect Jay

Loving Kindness 4 Your Anus is an external Anal Massage Ritual for Men in London.

Hi Seb, I have had both a lingham and a rosebud massage from you previously and in addition to experience the most deep and profound orgasms during the session, was filled with increased energy and awareness for days afterwards. Much love, G